This is a document that enables you to appoint a person or persons with the legal authority to make decisions about your financial and personal affairs which can include guidance and instructions as to how they should act.


Property and financial affairs:

This document enables you to appoint attorneys to look after your financial affairs should you become no longer able or are lacking the mental capacity to do so. Some of these duties may include paying bills, operating bank accounts or buying and selling goods or property subject to any restriction you may have included in the LPA.

Health and Welfare:

This document enables you to appoint attorneys to make decisions about where you should live and your day to day medical treatment should you become incapacitated; you can also include in the LPA what your express wishes would be under certain circumstances while receiving medical treatment.

Registering the Lasting Power of Attorney:

In order to be able to use the LPA you must register it with the Office of the Public Guardian, either the person making the LPA or the attorneys can do this but it usually takes up to six weeks before it is returned, once it has been registered it is ready to use.

Advance Decision or Living Will:

This document allows you to make decisions about what level of care you would want to receive and allows you to make legal decisions about your treatment in advance. This document can be kept with your doctor or medical notes should it be needed to interpret the level of medical care you receive in the future. This document is often used in order to avoid families having to make difficult and stressful decisions about your treatment when emotions are already running high.

Legal document

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